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**Due to COVID, we are taking precautions for in-office visits. Everyone must wear a mask upon visitation. Sanitizers are available.

If you or someone you know has been exposed recently, please quarantine as recommended by CDC.

If anyone has symptoms or has visited one of the listed Crestricted states, please do not come into the office.

Therapy and initial consults can be done by telehealth, phone, or in person.


The clinic is overseen by Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Ernesto Hernandez.

The clinical staff is composed of:

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Thomas Pabon

Clinical School Psychologist

   Dr. Victoria Schattner 

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Carlos F. Baguer

Licensed Master Social Worker 

Katherine Tucker

and our other Mental Health counselors

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and you may contact us with any questions.

Neuropsychological Services of Astoria may guide you through your journey.


Neuropsychological Services of Astoria provides clinical services for depression and/or anxiety or any other psychological consults. We also provide services for individuals who have suffered a brain injury, stroke, or other cause of brain malfunction.  These services include a neuropsychological evaluation, cognitive rehabilitation, and psychotherapy if needed. 

Diagnoses we typically treat are Major depression, Adjustment disorders, Bipolar disorder, Psychotic diagnosis-Schizophrenia, Generalized Anxiety, Dementia, and Childhood disorders including

Traumatic brain injury, ADHD, and Learning disorders.

Are you tired of the Jargon? At Neuropsychological services of Astoria, we will attempt to clarify any, including types of services, providers, and treatment during your initial consult.



Available for doctoral students in Clinical, Counseling or School Psychology

We will represent our clinical evaluation process:

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Contact Us

Primary: 1(347) 808-9400

Secondary: 1(718) 721-0330 ext 214

Until further notice, we request that any inquiries for the Bronx location be through the Astoria contacts.


December 24-26,2020 and January 01, 2021 

If you need to contact the office during the days above or any days the office might be closed please contact us via our email: neuropsychologicalsvcs@gmail.com.

If it is an emergency please call 911.

  **We currently have two locations**

[Queens, Astoria] 30-27 30th Street, First floor

Primary # (347) ​-808-9400

  Secondary # (718)-721-0330 ext 214



[Bronx] Coming soon..

Thank you for your interest in our business. 


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